If you’re thinking of starting a private practice or transitioning from in-person therapy to online therapy, hearing from an established online therapist can be both inspiring and motivational. 

One of the biggest challenges we hear from aspiring online therapists is that they don’t know where to get started. Or they might wonder if it’s even possible to work fully online as a location independent therapist. And that’s just one of the reasons we like to feature our LIT Community members and share their experiences as online therapists. 

This week, we’re bringing you an interview with one of our earliest members, Carolina Díaz, who has been with us in the LIT Community since we first opened the doors in February 2020!

A clinical psychologist, Carolina has been working online for many years and kindly agreed to share her story and how her business has evolved over the years.

Welcome, Carolina! Please introduce yourself – what you do, where you’re from, where you are now in the world, and anything else you’d like us to know. 

Hello! I’m Carolina, a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in online psychotherapy from a psychodynamic perspective. I’m originally from Mexico but have been living in Spain for many years, which has allowed me to explore online therapy even before the digital boom of the pandemic. 

My fascination with the discipline that studies the mind goes way back, all the way to when I was a 10-year-old with an inspiring teacher who lit the spark by introducing me to psychoanalysis and psychology. It was like a lightbulb moment, you know? That initial spark ignited a lifelong passion, propelling me to help others on their therapeutic journeys. 

Throughout my career, I have focused on private practice, starting with in-person sessions and transitioning to online therapy, taking advantage of the growing digital trend in therapeutic services. This transition was facilitated by my residency in Spain.

Who do you work with as an online therapist, and what do you support them with? 

My work is centered around supporting those who seek to thrive in life’s changes and transitions, overcoming paralysis caused by anxiety and insecurities.

I primarily use psychodynamic therapy, an approach that not only helps identify and modify unconscious patterns of thinking and behavior but also allows individuals to express themselves and reconcile with their words. It’s about embracing the chance to rediscover and reinvent themselves.

There are no quick fixes here; instead, I work together with my clients in order to find lasting solutions for a more fulfilling life. 

You joined us in the LIT Community in February 2020, when we first opened the doors. What was your main reason for joining the community?

I came across the LIT Community when it was still just a Facebook group. A good friend and fellow colleague introduced me to this fantastic community of therapists who were all about providing excellent remote mental health support.

And you know what? It was exactly what I’d been looking for! So, of course, I had to join. Connecting with other professionals who share the same passion and giving our clients our all? It was an easy call 😉

What stage were you at in your business when you joined the LIT Community?

When I joined the LIT Community in 2020, I had many years of experience in in-person psychotherapy but had only been an online therapist for a couple of years. 

Transitioning from face-to-face therapy to the digital space came with its set of challenges, like adjusting to the dynamics of virtual interactions and ensuring clients received the same level of care. But it was a move I was eager to make. 

I was interested in online therapy because, being an expat myself, I realized that people from my previous physical practice were actively seeking my help. The flexibility of online therapy allowed me to serve this geographically diverse group effectively. Shortly after that, I realized all the possibilities this format of therapy could offer. 

How has the LIT Community helped you as a business owner and an online therapist? 

Being part of the LIT Community has made a really big difference for me, both from a clinical perspective and as a business owner. When it comes to running your own practice, it can sometimes feel like a solitary journey, but of course, along the way, we all need a helping hand. 

In LIT, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with fellow professionals, and those group supervision sessions have been meaningful for my clinical work. Plus, from a business standpoint, it’s been a great support. 

In coworking sessions and expert talks, I found the motivation and inspiration to keep pushing my practice forward. The collective knowledge and experiences within the community have been incredibly valuable. You see, together we’ve been able to support one another as we navigate the twists and turns of our professional journeys. 

LIT Community for digital nomad therapists

What stage are you at in your business now in comparison to back in 2020? Has anything changed for you?

Absolutely! My business has flourished, and I’ve even managed to make peace with a particularly challenging aspect for me – the marketing and getting my name out there.

Thanks to countless conversations and resources available in the LIT Community, I’ve crafted my own approach to self-promotion, all without resorting to tactics that would make me cringe. And I’ve done all of this while keeping in mind the critical aspects of revenue and the sustainability that entrepreneurship demands. It’s been quite the journey!

Have you met any big goals or achievements in your career in the past few years?

Since becoming part of the LIT community, I’ve had some special accomplishments that I hold dear. For instance, I’ve teamed up with fellow community members on collaborative projects and formed some amazing friendships along the way. 

From a clinical perspective, I’ve been able to reach and help more people, and that’s where the action really happens. 

On the academic side of things, I’ve contributed to two books about online therapy (written in Spanish): “Experiences in Cyberpsychology,” published in 2021, and the most recent one, “Clinical Cases in Mental Telehealth,” where I participated by writing the chapter “Online Supervision via Video Conference: Virtual Clinic Designed Together.” This piece was heavily influenced by my experiences with the case supervision sessions in LIT.

I am incredibly grateful to be a part of LIT. This community has provided me with plenty of resources, support, and connections that have truly enhanced my journey as an online psychotherapist.

What is your favourite part of the LIT Community?

Without a doubt, my favorite part of the LIT Community is getting to know professionals who are not only skilled but also empathetic. It’s a place where we can keep on learning, digging deeper, and openly sharing our thoughts and feelings about psychology, both in practical terms and as it relates to our businesses. 

This is a space filled with support and camaraderie, which aligns perfectly with a belief that’s very close to my heart: the belief that we don’t have to be in competition; instead, we can be allies and support one another as professionals.

The events I’ve found to be the most useful are the case supervision sessions and expert talks.

If someone was thinking about joining the LIT Community, what would you tell them?

Welcome! 😉 If you’re searching for tools to enhance your practice, along with a sense of unity, and valuable feedback, you’re going to love being a part of this community.

Thank you, Carolina, for taking the time to share your experience as an online therapist! 

If you’d like to connect with Carolina or find out more about her work:

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