Who created this group and why?

Hi! We are Melissa Parks & Sonia Jaeger. We are both trained as mental health professionals and over the past few years, we’ve had great success with running our online, portable businesses. 

We largely contribute that success to the online support systems we’ve created. In addition to being business accountability buddies, we’ve also created a peer mastermind group and book club with other online therapists. 

We’ve also found a lot of support in the Location Independent Therapists Facebook group that we co-moderate. However, we’re ready to take this group to the next level and create a dedicated space for other mental health professionals around the world who are looking to create (or grow) their location independent businesses. 

Melissa just recently repatriated to her home country, the US, after living and working from Spain and the Netherlands for the past 10 years. You can find out more about Melissa here!

Sonia is a German-French psychotherapist who recently celebrated her 5th anniversary as a digital nomad. You can find out more about Sonia here!

This community is where we get together, talk about best practices and the ins and outs of our daily work. Our Community is a safe space for therapists from all around the world to connect and help each other – Melissa, co-founder.