Marlene Lindmair

Marlene Lindmair


My name is Marlene Lindmair and I have started working remotely as a psychological counsellor in 2017 when I found that online counselling was the perfect way to connect the things I loved – my work, my love life, friends and family as well as my passion for different cultures and places. I was born in a small town in Austria, but have lived in different parts of the world both in Europe & Asia, currently traveling between Austria and Spain.


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    Culture Shock and How to Deal With It

    Are you living abroad? Do you feel like you “suddenly” don´t know yourself anymore? Are you feeling insecure and don´t know how to behave in your environment? If so, you might be experiencing the so-called culture shock, which is part of adapting to a new place, culture, and environment. In this article, I will explain what culture shock is, how you find out if it affects you and what you can do to deal with it.