Team LIT

Team LIT


Team LIT is the team that created and runs Location Independent Therapists and the LIT Community. Our goal is to create a dedicated space for other mental health professionals around the world who are looking to create (or grow) their location independent businesses. Team LIT is made up of co-founders Melissa Parks and Sonia Jaeger and their virtual assistant who helps them behind the scenes. Melissa and Sonia are both trained as mental health professionals and each runs their own online, portable businesses. You can find our links and all our articles below!


  • interview with eugene belilovsky on being a remote therapist

    LIT Interviews: Eugene Belilovsky of The Progressive Therapist, LLC on Being a Remote Therapist

    Have you ever wondered what it’s really like to be a remote therapist, working fully online in private practice? In this interview, LIT Community member and remote therapist Eugene Belilovsky talks to our co-founder Sonia Jaeger about his experiences of becoming a remote therapist. You’ll hear why Eugene values location independence, how he got started […]

  • Is starting a group practice right for you?

    Is Starting a Group Practice Right For You?

    Have you ever considered starting a group practice? It’s an option that appeals to many therapists as it allows you to grow your business, support more clients, and collaborate with other colleagues. But figuring out if, when, and how to start a location independent group practice can also be challenging.  That’s why we invited Kelsey […]

  • How to Start a Podcast as an Online Therapist: Everything You Need to Know

    Have you ever thought about starting a podcast to get your message out there to more people and showcase your expertise? If you’ve ever wondered how to start a podcast, what’s involved and whether it’s really possible to have your own podcast, read on. In this blog post, LIT co-founder Melissa Parks shares her experience […]

  • 90-day seo plan for mental health professionals

    90-Day SEO Plan For Mental Health Professionals

    Have you heard that you should be using SEO to show up online and help more people find your website? Or maybe you’ve been curious about SEO but not known where to start? Then you’re not alone – SEO can seem like a lot of work and confusingly technical, with a lot of jargon involved. […]

  • How to maintain client privacy as a location independent therapist

    How to Maintain Client Privacy As a Location Independent Therapist

    Are you a mental health professional who works online, often from different locations? Maintaining client privacy can be challenging when you don’t have a dedicated office space at home. And it gets even more complicated when you’re moving around and working from a small apartment or hotel room, possibly with your partner or family there […]

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