Team LIT

Team LIT


Team LIT is the team that created and runs Location Independent Therapists and the LIT Community. Our goal is to create a dedicated space for other mental health professionals around the world who are looking to create (or grow) their location independent businesses. Team LIT is made up of co-founders Melissa Parks and Sonia Jaeger and their virtual assistant who helps them behind the scenes. Melissa and Sonia are both trained as mental health professionals and each runs their own online, portable businesses. You can find our links and all our articles below!


  • how to make your website more search engine friendly with seo

    SEO: How to Make Your Website More Search-Engine Friendly

    Hosting a blog or website is one of the most effective ways to draw attention to yourself and your business. But you’ll also need to learn how to make your website more search engine friendly. When first getting into blogging, many people feel extremely overwhelmed and intimidated by Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, SEO can […]

  • how to work from anywhere as an online counselor

    LIT Interviews: How to Work From Anywhere as an Online Counselor with Marlene Lindmair

    Are you curious about working online as a mental health professional? Maybe you’ve been wondering how to work from anywhere so you can achieve your ideal work/life balance. Or you might want to travel the world and continue to do the work you love. In that case, you should watch this interview with LIT member, […]

  • How to Identify Your Ideal Client as a Location Independent Therapist

    Have you been struggling to identify your ideal client for your online practice? Maybe, you thought you could keep it vague and work with everyone. After all, you could always narrow it down later on. Unfortunately, this strategy is unlikely to work for most location independent therapists. You might think that when you work online, […]

  • remote psychologist how to get started

    LIT Interviews: Getting Started as a Remote Psychologist with Franziska Petersohn

    Have you ever wondered how to transition to working as a remote psychologist? Then, you need to tune in to our interview with LIT member Franziska Petersohn on how she started working online as a remote psychologist. You can watch the short 10-minute interview below to hear how Franziska started working as a remote psychologist. […]

  • adding coaching to your therapy practice, woman working at a laptop with headphones as a coach

    Adding Coaching to Your Therapy Practice – What You Need to Know

    Many mental health professionals are transitioning to coaching or adding coaching to their therapy practice. And there are a lot of good reasons to do so which you’ll find listed below. This has been such a popular topic in our community that we recently hosted a Business Meetup covering it. We want to share a […]

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