Are you considering becoming a location independent therapist or curious about what it’s like? Today, we have another interview for you with LIT Community member, Aya Ninomiya.

Aya is an occupational therapist based in Japan who works mainly with the expat community there. It was her dream to create a lifestyle where she could work online and travel, and being location independent has allowed her to do so.

Although the pandemic put a pause on travelling for a while, Aya is looking forward to some upcoming trips and is excited to take her practice on the road.

Find out what it’s like to work as an online occupational therapist in this interview with LIT co-founder, Sonia Jaeger. You’ll hear how Aya finds working online with children, how it compares to an in-school setting, and more.

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Working as an Online Occupational Therapist with Aya Ninomiya

Are you curious about whether working as an online occupational therapist is even possible? Or maybe you’re unsure about how to offer online therapy to children effectively?

Then, you should watch Aya’s interview below! Just hit play to start the video.

Aya also shares what she likes best about working online and some of the challenges of being location independent. Plus, you’ll hear her tips for any aspiring location independent therapists (especially occupational therapists!).

Introducing Aya Ninomiya, an Online Occupational Therapist

Aya Ninomiya is an occupational therapist who transitioned to offering online therapy over two years ago. She works mainly with children aged 6+ who are struggling in the classroom or have special needs, including autism, ADHD, and other diagnoses.

Aya was one of the first online occupational therapists in Japan. So, she’s also been able to introduce other therapists to teletherapy, answer their questions, and help them get set up.

So, how do her clients find her as an online occupational therapist? Many of the parents discover Aya online and get in touch via email or her website. She also gets referrals from teachers or a network of learning support coordinators who pass on her information to the parents.

If you’re considering becoming an online occupational therapist, her biggest tip is to give teletherapy a go and stay open to it. Getting used to working online can take some adjustment, but it’s definitely worth it!

Connect with Aya Online:

If you’d like to get in touch with Aya or follow her online, here’s where you can find her:

Her website:

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