Have you wondered what it’s like to be a location independent therapist? LIT member Biyang Wang shares her experience and some tips for aspiring location independent therapists below.

When you’re considering becoming a location independent therapist, it can feel a little scary if you don’t know anyone who has travelled this path. You’ll probably have a lot of questions, doubts, and confusion over certain aspects. As a result, you might feel like you’re jumping into the unknown!

Hearing from location independent therapists who are already working online from around the world can be inspiring and motivating. You can see how they made it happen (spoiler: there’s not just one route you can take!). And you can also get some tips and ideas for your own LIT journey.

So, if you’re considering becoming a location independent therapist or want to know what it’s really like, then check out our interview with LIT member, Biyang Wang!

You can find the full series of interviews on our LIT YouTube Channel.

What it’s like to be a Location Independent Therapist with LIT Member Biyang Wang

In this interview, Biyang talks about what she loves most about the location independent life. She also shares why she thinks it makes her more authentic as a therapist. And you’ll find out how she manages time zones with her clients.

Biyang opens up about how she’s managed to overcome imposter syndrome and found her self-confidence. Plus, where she sees the future of telehealth and remote therapy going. 

Click play below to watch Biyang’s interview with LIT co-founder, Sonia Jaeger.

Introducing Biyang Wang, an Asian American Pyschotherapist based in the U.S.

Biyang is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and psychotherapist who has been offering telehealth and therapy online for the past few years. She’s currently based in Chicago, although she’s spent time travelling in South East Asia and is looking forward to a trip to Latin America soon! 

Although Biyang started by working with more international clients, now she mainly works with young adults in the US and often within the Asian American community. One benefit she’s seen come out of the pandemic is the greater understanding and acceptance of mental health in the Asian American community. As a result, she believes that seeking help is becoming more acceptable. 

Until Biyang discovered the LIT Community, she struggled to find people of a similar mindset. She loves the flexibility of the community and that she can join events from her phone while she gets things done!

Connect with Biyang online:

If you’d like to get in touch with Biyang or follow her online, here’s where you can find her:

Are you looking for support as you start or grow your location independent therapy practice?

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Then, the LIT Community could be the perfect place for you. It’s our dedicated community for (aspiring) location independent mental health professionals where we offer support and inspiration as they grow their businesses.

That includes:

  • Virtual coworking sessions
  • Business meetups
  • Live guest expert talks
  • A 24/7 discussion board
  • A book club and a movie club
  • Our entire event replay library available to you
  • A growing referral network

Our doors are currently closed, but we’ll open them again soon. Find out more about the LIT Community here, and make sure to sign up for our waitlist to be the first to hear when we’ll next open the doors!

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