Have you ever wondered how to transition to working as a remote psychologist?

Then, you need to tune in to our interview with LIT member Franziska Petersohn on how she started working online as a remote psychologist.

You can watch the short 10-minute interview below to hear how Franziska started working as a remote psychologist. She also shares her tips for anyone thinking of transitioning to working online as a therapist.

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Getting Started as a Remote Psychologist

In this interview, Franziska talks with LIT co-founder Sonia Jaeger about what it was like getting started as a remote psychologist. She shares the motivation behind why she wanted to work online and what she wants to do in the future now that she’s location independent!

If you’re considering working as a remote psychologist, this interview is well worth a listen.

Make sure to listen to the end for Franziska’s tips for any therapists wondering how to start working online.

Introducing Franziska Petersohn, a Psychotherapist Based in Germany

Franziska is a psychologist and psychotherapist from Germany. She offers online counselling in German and English to people who are struggling with their emotional wellbeing.

Why did Franziska want to become a remote psychologist?

Living between two cities was a major motivation for becoming location independent for Franziska. She spent many hours driving from city to city, but there came a point when she wanted to cut down on travelling back and forth.

Who does Franziska work with as a remote psychologist?

In her work, Franziska specialises in clients with depression and anxiety. She is experienced in a wide range of therapeutic skills including CBT and ACT.

Another way Franziska supports her clients is by introducing them to the world of nonviolent communication. Here, they will learn how to communicate in a respectful and productive way with partners, children, parents, friends, or co-workers.

You can find out more about working with Franziska here!

Where does Franziska see her future now she’s working as a remote psychologist?

Currently, Franziska enjoys her location independent lifestyle in Germany. It gives her the freedom to work from either city and take road trips around Europe.

But in the far future, Franziska would like to work from all over the world while continuing to offer online counselling. She is in the process of building a campervan and would like to be able to work on the road. We can’t wait to see where your future takes you, Franziska!

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Connect with Franziska online:

If you’d like to get in touch with Renata or follow her online, you can contact her here:

Would you benefit from the LIT Community?

If you watched the interview, you saw Franziska say how supportive and helpful she found the LIT Community. This is our dedicated community for location independent therapists around the world.

Franziska found working online and setting up her business quite lonely. At times, she struggled with not having people to bounce ideas around or ask questions. And while she loved working for herself, being location independent wasn’t without its challenges.

And that’s why she recommends joining the LIT Community! It’s helped Franziska with the loneliness of location independent life and the occasional struggles of being a business owner.

If you’re looking for more support as you start or grow your location independent practice, the LIT Community could be perfect for you. We help you, whether you’re just getting started as a remote psychologist or ready to start scaling your business.

Find out more here and sign up for our waitlist to hear all the latest. You’ll be the first to know when we’ll next open the doors!).

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