Have you ever wondered how to get started as a location independent therapist, or what the lifestyle is really like?

Then, you need to tune into our latest interview with LIT member, Renata Andrade on how she started her location independent practice (and more).

You can watch it below, and click through to our LIT YouTube channel for more interviews with location independent therapist.

How Renata Started her Location Independent Practice & Business

In this interview, Renata talks with LIT co-founder Sonia about the advantages of working remotely, the frustrations of dealing with local regulations, and how she first started working online.

(Spoiler: It wasn’t as a location independent therapist!) 

Introducing Renata Andrade, a Brazilian Psychologist and Career Coach based in Milan

Renata is a psychologist from Brazil with several years of experience working online. She offers both online counselling, working mainly with Portuguese- and English-speaking expats, as well as career coaching. 

She’s lived and worked in Brazil, the UK, the US, and now Renata is based in Italy.  

But it was when Renata moved to the US that she first delved into online work, as she discovered that she’d have to start from scratch and gain specific qualifications to work as a psychologist. 

While Renata wasn’t sure about the prospect of working online at first, she wouldn’t go back to an in-person practice now. 

She has seen that remote therapy offers many advantages, both to herself and her expat clients, who can continue their therapy no matter where they are in the world.

Connect with Renata online:

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Would you benefit from the LIT Community?

If you watched the interview, you saw Renata say how supportive, welcoming, and helpful she’s found our LIT Community for location independent therapists and mental health professionals.

Renata particularly appreciates the chance to connect with other people who are running a location independent business and dealing with the challenges that come with it.

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