Are you curious about working online as a mental health professional? Maybe you’ve been wondering how to work from anywhere so you can achieve your ideal work/life balance. Or you might want to travel the world and continue to do the work you love.

In that case, you should watch this interview with LIT member, Marlene Lindmair! You’ll hear how Marlene has managed to travel and work from anywhere as an online psychological counselor.

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How to Work From Anywhere as an Online Counselor

Marlene has been working online as a psychological counselor for five years. Being location independent has given her the freedom to work from anywhere.

Although Marlene is from Austria, she has lived and worked in Spain. She also travelled through Asia for a few months while continuing to work online.

Watch the short 10-minute interview below to hear how Marlene made it happen. You’ll also hear her tips for new or aspiring location independent therapists!

Introducing Marlene Lindmair, a Systemic Counselor Based in Austria and Spain

Who does Marlene work with as an online pyschological counselor?

Marlene works with individuals who are struggling in their jobs, relationships, or with a period of upheaval. She also specialises in supporting people who want to find their own path, who are tired of doing what is expected from them and are trying to find their own purpose.

In her work, Marlene uses a systemic approach. Systemic thinking is an extended, holistic way of thinking which refers to the fact that human beings are social and thus relationship-oriented living beings. Marlene pays attention to the client’s history, family dynamics, and the systems the client is in to find the roots of the problems they’re dealing with.

You can find out more about Marlene’s work and contact her here.

What does Marlene enjoy about being a location independent therapist?

Marlene loves the freedom of being able to work from anywhere. It means that she can travel to visit her family and friends or head off on a longer trip while still being able to do the work she loves.

Working online also allows her to offer counseling in her preferred language without being tied down to a specific location. For example, she can live in Spain while working with her clients in German and English.

What challenges has Marlene experienced as a location independent therapist?

Marketing herself has been one of Marlene’s biggest challenges. But over time, she’s learned that you just have to put yourself out there. By working on herself and with her own counsellor, Marlene has come a long way, and now she enjoys going to networking events and talking about what she does.

Her biggest tip for how to work from anywhere? Try not to overthink it – jump in and do it!

Connect with Marlene online:

If you’d like to get in touch with Marlene or follow her online, you can contact her here:

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