Have you wondered what it’s like to start a private practice and work as an online therapist? In this blog post, we’re bringing you an interview with experienced therapist and LIT Community member, Katja Meixner Becker. 

Hearing from an established online therapist can be so helpful when you’re embarking on your own journey to start your business and become location independent. Read on to hear about Katja’s unique path, the challenges she’s experienced, and how she’s overcome them. 

Welcome, Katja! We’d love our readers to get to know you – share a bit about where you’re from, where you are in the world now, and anything else you’d like them to know! 

I’m Katja, an Adult Third Culture Kid with a German passport who speaks 6 languages (French, German, English, Italian, Spanish and Catalan).

I was born in Egypt and grew up living in different countries across four continents and I’m currently based in Barcelona, Spain. I specialize in Gestalt Therapy and coaching for transformative journeys.

Photo of Katja Meixner Becker, online therapist and LIT Community member

Who do you work with as an online therapist, and what do you support them with? 

My primary approach, Gestalt Therapy, is a relational method emphasizing awareness, personal responsibility, and the richness of the present moment. It delves into the environmental and social context, exploring self-regulating adjustments created for survival. As a Gestalt Coach, I bring additional tools for my client’s empowerment.

I believe in the human innate ability to self-regulate and reconnect with its inner sources for a fulfilling life through self-awareness. I invite my clients to explore “how” and “what for” experiences have shaped their lives the way they have. During sessions, I incorporate techniques like breathing exercises, meditation, visualization, and more to gently guide them toward self-awareness.

My mission is to support my clients through stress, burnout, anxiety, life transitions, loss, heart attack recovery, demotivation, creative blocks, female empowerment, menopause, motherhood, empty nest, and self-esteem issues. Addressing multicultural nuances and embracing diversity, I aim to stand by my clients as we navigate these complexities.

I’m committed to building bridges between diverse beliefs, cultures, and genders, with a focus on the intricate tapestry of adult lives and relationships for Adult Third Culture Kids, expats, and immigrants. 

You joined the LIT Community in 2020 – what was your main reason for joining the community?

I wanted to join an international community of open-minded colleagues with whom I could exchange ideas and different types of therapeutic approaches.

What stage were you at in your career and your business at the time?

I already had my private practice when I joined the LIT Community during the pandemic. I was at the stage where I wanted to grow my online client base.

How has the LIT Community helped you as a business owner and an online therapist? 

First and foremost, the experience has enriched me through the diverse array of perspectives stemming from colleagues hailing from various countries, residing in different regions, spanning different age groups, and boasting diverse professional backgrounds and studies.

It’s been a fantastic and interesting melting pot. Despite the diversity, I’ve discovered numerous points of connection, making our case supervision and co-working sessions all the more captivating.

The LIT Community has helped me practice my languages, develop my online business, and gain confidence in my work. The coworking sessions are particularly valuable, assisting me in tackling tasks I might otherwise procrastinate on. Case supervision sessions have also been incredibly supportive, aiding me in situations where I may have felt stuck, helpless, or susceptible to an impostor syndrome “attack.”

What stage are you at in your business now, and has anything changed for you in the past few years?

Since joining the community, I’ve experienced an emotional burnout and a heart attack. Now, I’m embarking on a new life chapter, focusing my business on working particularly with Adult Third Culture Kids (ATCKs) and also with clients recovering from a heart attack.

I believe many of today’s ATCKs belong to a generation that hasn’t recognized themselves as TCKs. Therefore, they often aren’t aware of how much the TCK life experience may be related to some of their current struggles.

On the other hand, my own experience with a heart attack has made me realize how the fantastic innovations of today’s medical technology can sometimes make you miss the reality of what you’ve been through. There’s a tendency not to take responsibility for it, simply reconnecting with your life as if nothing had ever happened. Alternatively, in more traumatizing crises, there’s a constant fear of the body relapsing.

I am now dedicated to supporting individuals in navigating these complex journeys, whether rooted in cross-cultural experiences or health challenges. By merging insights from both realms, I aim to offer holistic and empathetic guidance to those seeking a fresh start.

And the support of the LIT Community has been really helpful, not only professionally but also personally. It made me feel less lonely while facing the challenges of getting my professional life rolling again.

Have you met any big goals or achievements as an online therapist since joining the LIT Community? 

My big achievement right now is that my practice has started to grow again. 50% percent of it is online, and I am hoping to increase this percentage.

What is your favourite part of the LIT Community?

The opportunity to speak different languages and be in contact with different cultures and work approaches. I particularly love and am grateful for the openness of each LIT member to learn from each other and grow together.

The events I’ve found most helpful are the case supervision sessions, the story telling workshops, and hot seat coaching sessions, as well as the coworking sessions that really help me to be focused.

If someone was thinking about joining the LIT Community, what would you tell them?

It is incredibly valuable as a platform to share professional experiences and learn from others in the field. The community serves as a support system during challenging times, providing a network of professionals who understand the intricacies of your journey. Beyond the business aspect of building your practice, the community members know how to hold space for you when needed.

If you’re interested in joining an international community and sharing the challenges of business growth or navigating client sessions, this is an excellent place to do so.

Thank you, Katja, for taking the time to share your experiences in growing your private practice! 

If you’d like to connect with Katja or find out more about her work:

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