Have you wondered what it’s like to work online from around the world as a therapist when you have young children? In this interview, LIT member Romina Reginold shares her experience as a location independent therapist and parent and the tips that make it easier for her to work from any location and juggle parenting, business, and much more.

Taking your location independent practice on the road is a huge leap – but it can become even more daunting if you have children to consider, too. You may have questions about childcare, education, or how they’ll react to moving around.

So, it can be helpful to hear from someone who is also a location independent therapist and parent to see how they made it work for them and their family.

You can find the full series of interviews on our LIT YouTube Channel.

What it’s like to be a Location Independent Therapist and Parent with LIT Member Romina Reginold

If you’re considering becoming a location independent therapist and travelling with your family, check out our interview with LIT member, Romina Reginold!

As Romina soon discovered, children are much more adaptable than we realise. Romina has learned many lessons from her young son while being on the road with her family.

Click play to watch Romina’s interview with LIT co-founder Melissa Parks (it’s short at just 9 minutes!).

Introducing Romina Reginold, a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist currently based in Dubai.

Romina Reginold is a psychotherapist and cognitive behavioural therapist who lives with her family in different countries. Primarily she offers her service to Swiss German and German-speaking people.

Romina helps her clients get to know themselves better and strengthen their own needs, goals, and dreams in life. She also tries to find out which causes, behaviours, and thought patterns are standing in their way and helps them to break them down.

Originally from Switzerland with her roots in Sri Lanka, Romina started her location independent journey in Angola and Sri Lanka when her son was just six months old. She’s also spent time in France, Spain, and Argentina while working remotely.

During the pandemic, Romina and her family got stuck in Dubai – and although it wasn’t a bad place to wait it out, she is eager to get back on the road when it’s safe to do so.

Connect with Romina online:

If you’d like to get in touch with Romina or follow her online, here’s where you can find her:

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