Have you ever considered moving abroad as a psychologist or hitting the road with your practice? Or maybe you’ve wondered if it’s even possible?

Then, you need to tune in to our interview with LIT member Richelle Dadian, an American therapist currently based in Germany.

You can watch the short interview below to hear how Richelle went from working with clients in person in the US to working fully online in Germany. You’ll also hear Richelle’s tips for supporting your clients during the transition phase and working with clients on different continents.

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Moving Abroad as a Psychologist / Mental Health Professional

In this interview, Richelle talks with LIT co-founder Melissa Parks about why she was determined to become a location independent therapist. Plus, Richelle shares what moving abroad as a psychologist was really like and how she made the transition as smooth as possible.

If you’re considering moving abroad as a psychologist or mental health professional, this interview is well worth a listen.

Make sure to listen to the end for Richelle’s tips on managing time zones!

Introducing Richelle Dadian, an American therapist based in Germany!

Richelle is a psychologist offering sex and relationship therapy to individuals, couples, and people in open relationships. She supports her clients in exploring and enhancing their relationships and sexuality and reconnecting with themselves and their partner(s).

Has Richelle always worked online before moving abroad as a psychologist?

Richelle has worked online for some time, but she initially started working in person with clients after graduating in 2018. Around a year later, Richelle started to do some online sessions with clients who couldn’t attend in-person sessions for personal reasons or because they lived too far away.

So, Richelle already had some experience in offering telehealth when the pandemic hit in 2019, and she had planned to go fully online in late 2020.

But as you can imagine, the pandemic accelerated that timeline, and Richelle had switched fully to online therapy by March 2020. That prior experience had helped to prepare her, and she’s never looked back since (even if the circumstances were hardly ideal at the time!).

What was Richelle’s motivation for working online and moving abroad as a psychologist?

Richelle had always known that she wanted to travel for more than just a short vacation. She saw the value of fully immersing in other cultures, but she also didn’t want to give up her work. And so, she knew that becoming a location independent therapist would be the way to go!

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How did Richelle make it easier for herself and her clients during the move?

Richelle spent a long time researching and preparing to move from the USA to Germany. She double and triple-checked the time differences and moved her client hours to US mornings/European afternoons. And she also let them know in advance that she would be moving, so they might see a different background!

All this research and preparation lead to a smooth transition for both Richelle and her clients – many who weren’t fazed at all by it.

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If you watched the interview, you saw Richelle say how supportive and helpful she’s found the LIT Community and that she’s so glad she joined when she did (even though it was at a very busy point in her life!) rather than waiting until later on.

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