Are you considering becoming a location independent therapist or curious about what it’s like? Today, we have another interview for you with LIT Community member, Sámar Khalife Iglesias.

Sámar is originally from Puerto Rico but she grew up all over the world. In this interview, she shares why she wanted to be location independent. Plus, Sámar shares some advice for anyone who is considering taking their practice on the road.

You can find the full series of interviews on our LIT YouTube Channel.

Working as a Multicultural Psychologist Abroad with Sámar Khalife Iglesias

Are you curious to hear what it’s like to work as a multicultural psychologist abroad? Then, check out our interview with LIT member Sámar Khalife Iglesias.

Find out why Sámar chose the location independent life. Plus, she shares what it’s like to offer both in-person and online therapy.

Click play below to watch Sámar’s interview with LIT co-founder Melissa Parks. (It’s only 15 minutes).

Introducing Sámar Khalife Iglesias, a Multicultural Psychologist currently based in Spain

Sámar is a clinical psychologist currently based in Madrid, Spain. She also teaches university courses on psychology and sexuality.

Originally, Sámar moved to Spain over fourteen years ago to do a year abroad, and one year became many. That’s something many of Sámar’s clients (and our LIT Community members) can relate to!

At first, Sámar focused on marriage and couples therapy, but she also offers individual therapy. Much of Sámar’s work focuses on all things related to identity, culture, and sexuality.

Coming from a multicultural family, Sámar has moved around the world as a child and an adult. As a result, she’s found that these experiences help her to better understand and support her clients.

Connect with Sámar Online:

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