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Let’s be real: You have a lot going on. Life is rarely as easy as we expect it to be, and we can suddenly find ourselves on unexpected paths. Add in the challenges of being an expat and it suddenly feels like we are trying to live life at an Olympic level.

Perhaps you have come to realize you are at a crossroads, or feel as if you have reached a dead end. If you are feeling directionless, conflicted, dissatisfied or lost, I can help you identify the root cause(s) of your struggles and work with you to develop a pathway towards wholeness.

How I work:
Have you ever had someone tell you to just get over it? Or to think positively, it could be worse? You can rest assured I won’t say those things. You need a space that is open and non-judgemental so that you can get evidenced based tools to help support you and everything you are going through.

We will take a look at where you’ve been so together we can identify where you want to go and what is getting in the way of getting you there. I believe our relationship with our self and others is at the core of how we interact with and view the world. That means that I will also focus on your relationship with yourself in our sessions. I believe that therapy doesn’t always have to be stuffy or serious. I like to offer creative exercises and solutions in session and will occasionally add in (when appropriate) some humor as well.

Together, we will celebrate your wins, address your needs, fears and struggles, so that you can move forward in your life with confidence and a renewed purpose.

Outside of work you can find me seeking sunshine, hiking, cuddling with my dog Henry or reading a book. And once it’s safe, I will resume traveling the world. It’s my favorite way to learn about myself and life.

Want to learn more about how I can support you? Contact me with any questions or to schedule a confidential consultation. I offer my initial consultations at no cost with no pressure. I’m here to help.

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