Psychologist & Buddhist Therapist
English, German

Hello, my name is Carolin.

I am a German psychologist who specialized in Buddhist psychology.

Many of my clients have already tried therapy before and didn’t find the answers they were looking for or they are generally interested in experiencing a new perspective towards life through an alternative approach. They are experiencing problems with burnout, depression, low self-worth, problems in interpersonal relations, or lack of meaning in their life. Using the wisdom of Buddhist psychology I support them to deepen their life experience and live a more satisfying and more fulfilling life.

I enjoy philosophical discussions with my clients about the essential topics of life: the relationship with oneself, love, the meaning of life, death, etc. The most enjoyable moments are for me when my clients are able to grow according to their values and visions and I see them developing a deep love for themselves, their life, and others.