Licensed in
New York, USA

I use a holistic and humanistic approach with a radical trans-indigenous existential twist, calling on
the simplicity of the present moment to drop below the level of cognition and into our emotional
world where we befriend the breaking open of our tender selves, the shaky vulnerability in being
seen, the grief and loss inherent in change, the dying of a reality that we held so dear and the birth of
another, and so on… I understand that my willingness to be fully human and fully present in the
therapy room is an essential ingredient in this work, and so I often take the role of the friend and
guide, together moving through the sacredness of our human experiences. I’m trained in
Contemplative/Buddhist Psychotherapy and specialize in working at the intersection of gender,
sexuality, spirituality and religion. I also specialize in working with sexual minorities to include
LGBQIA+ and TGNC folx, ethically non-monogamous individuals and partners, sex workers,
BDSM/Kink practitioners, partners who are addressing and understanding race, privilege, and power
in relationships, and those that are exploring sexuality and identity.