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I’m a Psychologist with a specialty in Collaborative and Dialogical Practices who works with international students and young couples. In my practice, we address issues such as intercultural differences, identity, and authenticity as an ex-pat, as well as the so-called “live course crisis”: when things don’t work out as you expected.

This sounds very light, but these situations aren’t easy, for many they lead to the growing feeling of isolation and loneliness, sleep deprivation, anxiety, panic attacks, or even depression.

After living as an ex-pat and in an intercultural relationship myself for the last 13 years (in Ecuador), I´m aware of the unique challenges that come with living abroad.

As a result of my approach, I see therapy and counseling as a co-constructive process facilitated by establishing a conversational partnership with my clients. Together, we discuss their concerns, learn more about their situation, explore their resources and different alternatives, so that we can build new plans based on their own interests and values.

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