psychologist, psychotherapist (Diplom-Psychologin, Psychologische Psychotherapeutin)
Licensed in
English, German, French

Dr. Sonia Jaeger is a German-French psychologist and psychotherapist, who has been living a location independent life as a digital nomad for the past six years while providing online counselling to expats and other globally mobile clients in German, French and English. Growing up with two languages and cultures herself she experienced the challenges and advantages of the mobile and international life from an early age. After finishing her PhD she decided to take a break and travel the world. However, instead of returning home afterwards she decided to start an online private counselling practice and has been travelling the world ever since.

Sonia is the co-host of the podcast “Mit Psychologie und Laptop um die Welt”. In early 2020 she co-founded the Location Independent Therapists (LIT) Community , connecting mental health professionals across the globe and helping them grow their location independent business.