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Everyone strives to live life to the fullest and, predictably, the many ‘potholes’ along the way often make life difficult to manage and results in loneliness, stagnation, and disconnection from what is most important.

The expat experience is unique and, not-surprisingly, expats often experience unforeseen challenges as they are separated from family and other supports and thrust into a culture that is different from their own. Safe spaces to speak about and examine these challenges are not often available and what was at one time a small inconvenience or cultural frustration becomes choking anxiety or depression, culture-shock, and/or loss of self-identity or worth.

Socrates once said that “the unexamined life is not worth living”; in light of this, my desire is to provide safe and intentional space for those who are courageous enough to live the examined life. I am a deep thinker and passionate about meeting my clients where they are at as they explore and overcome the obstacles that keep them from living life to the fullest and owning their place in society at large. This journey is one that I am highly privileged to be invited into and I do not take my role lightly; as a result, my approach to therapy is compassionate, client-centred, and empathetic. I honour the autonomy of my clients and aim to provide non-judgemental space for the process to unfold.

I have experience in providing counselling to a wide range of demographics, but prefer to work with adult individuals. I use an integrated approach as it offers many possibilities and angles for self-examination. The dominant approaches that I draw from in my sessions are Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Emotion Focused Therapy.

In order to help expats work around the common barriers to receiving therapy while abroad – such as location related issues, traveling often or moving countries, or lack of available therapists in certain locations, etc. – I offer all of my services online through a secure video platform. I also offer a free 20 minute video consultation where you can decide if you would like to continue through this medium.