Clinical Psychologist
Licensed in
English, Spanish


I’m Lucía Largo, a licensed clinical psychologist with more than six years of professional experience, working both in-person and online, with a strong focus on the expat community.

I was born in an American-Spanish family and as such, forming part of a multicultural community is part of my emotional heritage. Listening to the stories of my relatives, I learned about the emotional difficulty of emigration and the enrichment they felt from having lived in several countries and adapting to different cultures. As a teenager and young adult, I lived in several countries: the US, Argentina, and briefly, in Japan, before embarking on the greatest adventure of my life yet: Peace Boat! I participated in a voyage around the world on a cruise ship, teaching Spanish and learning about human rights issues from world-renowned social justice activists. I traveled side-by-side with a group of young adults suffering from acute social phobia (called hikikomori in Japanese). I saw them working hard with their psychologist throughout the trip, looking to find a way to learn to live freer lives. Observing their courage reconnected me again with my inner passion: Psychology!

In my therapeutic approach as an integrative psychologist, I draw from several schools (Third-wave CBT therapies, psychodynamic, and Transactional analysis, to name a few). This has provided me with a wide range of therapeutic tools I use with my clients. In my years of clinical practice, I’ve accompanied people struggling with various difficulties such as cultural adaptation, mood disorders, coping with grief and loss, emotional dependency on relationships, or sexuality difficulties.

In our sessions together, we will work on helping you understand yourself better while identifying thought and behavioral patterns that may be holding you back from living a freer life. We will also pay close attention to how your most intimate bonds and early experiences growing up have shaped you into the person you are now. Ultimately, trying to help you become a more compassionate self, with fewer demands and more understanding, with a focus on who you want to be today & tomorrow.

You’ve just taken the first and most crucial step to start feeling like yourself again, and if you would like to, I’d be grateful to help you in this process of transformation. Feel free to contact me at my email ( for a free 30-min call to see if you’d like to work together!




Contact Information
Calle de Martínez Izquierdo, Nº 22, 28028 Madrid, Spain

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