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my name is Marlene Lindmair and I have started working remotely as a psychological counsellor in 2017 when I found that online counselling was the perfect way to connect the things I loved – my work, my love life, friends and family as well as my passion for different cultures and places.

I was born in a small town in Austria, but have lived in different parts of the world both in Europe & Asia, currently traveling between Austria and Spain.

In my online counselling practice I work with individuals

  • who are confronted with an acute or recurring problem, which pushes them to their limits and makes them feel at a loss
  • who like to work on themselves and get a fresh breeze for their sails through new perspectives
  • whose lives are in a period of upheaval and who wish to be supported in this
  • who want to get to know their essence better in order to shape their lives in a self-effective and self-dependent way
  • want to take responsibility for themselves and their lives and want to free themselves from the dynamics, entanglements and behavioural patterns that hinder them

as well as companies

  • offering an employee assistance program to adress issues like stress & burnout as well as other psychological discomfort.

My approach is systemic-phenomenological.

Systemic thinking is an extended, holistic way of thinking which refers to the fact that human beings are social and thus relationship-oriented living beings. The systemic approach is supported by systems theory. This is the science of interactions and the mutual influence of the respective partial elements. The focus is always on the client. To find solutions, systemic connections are considered.

I pay attention to what affects my client´s history and the history of his or her family, what dynamics there are, how they affect their lifes, where strength flows and where it cannot flow. I accompany my clients to clarity, capacity to act and a meaning-filled life that corresponds to their needs, their abilities and their core of being.

Feel free to contact me and we will have a free 20 minutes call.




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