Licensed in
Bulgarian, English, Spanish

Hello! My name is dr. Mila Petkova, I am a psychoanalytical psychotherapist.

In February 2016, I defended my doctoral degree in psychoanalysis and philosophy of culture at Madrid’s Complutense University. To further enhance my educational background, I participated in four-year education in the Clinical Section Freudian Field in Barcelona organized by the World Association of Psychoanalysis.

I specialize in treating anxiety, panic attacks, and body image issues. I also accompany patients who have overcome excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs in the past. I work with clients who have difficulty socializing, working under pressure, or finding a life partner, due to these issues above and many more.

I apply the psychoanalytical theory in my counseling practice since 2014. I have also worked for almost a decade in the IT sector where I found inspiration to start my own virtual private practice and became location independent. My main professional interests include incorporating the advances in neuroscience and modern technologies in the therapeutic process-oriented to psychoanalysis.