Anxiety, Stress and EMDR Therapist
Licensed in
California, USA; Colorado, USA; Minnesota, USA

Anxiety… You know the challenges of functioning when anxiety, overthinking or upsetting thoughts get in your way. Maybe you have that feeling in the pit of your stomach, headaches, panic attacks, feeling like there’s an elephant on your chest. When you were young, your home life seemed fine, but now that you’re an adult, you’re beginning to wonder about certain parts of your childhood.

If you need helping managing anxiety or if you want help with dealing with painful experiences, recent or past, if you need someone to talk with, if you’re having difficulties because of the pandemic, Imposter Syndrome, perfectionism, self-confidence, self-criticism or self-esteem, or feel stressed by high performance demands, I’m here. I am the expert you want on your team to help you learn to manage anxiety.

As a culturally humble expat, parent and therapist, I’m knowledgeable about culture, cross cultural issues, issues of cultural identity, acculturation and repatriation. For two years I lived in England as an expat teen, lived and worked in Italy as an expat in my 30s, lived and worked in Poland as an expat closer to retirement age. I know about growing up with parents from a different culture and having conflict as a result: I have worked with people who translated for their parents, Third Culture Kids (TCK), people who grew up with parents who had different values, people whose parents belonged to a religion the client eventually moved away from or rejected.

Have you heard of EMDR Therapy? That’s what I use to help people to deal with painful or bad experiences. It is a powerful, evidence-based therapy that doesn’t require you to talk it all through. You don’t need to worry that I won’t be able to manage what happened to you; I’ve heard a lot. Some of my clients grew up with high expectations and a lot of pressure, some with unpredictable parents, parents who didn’t pay attention to them, parents who were strict, or whose thinking was too rigid, parents whose religion forced the parents to reject them, parents who yelled, criticized or humiliated them. Some grew up with siblings who needed more care so the client did not get the attention they needed or siblings who treated them badly. Some experienced childhood physical, sexual or psychological abuse, neglect, rape, domestic abuse / intimate partner violence, or witnessed crimes, or are suffering from vicarious trauma from  helping others through aid work or direct service to refugees and victims of conflict.

Anxiety may come from your circumstances, such as the pandemic, your relationship, divorce, death of a loved one, end of life issues or grief. All of these are things I can help with.

Whatever you’ve been through, we can deal with it together.

Online therapy worldwide, telehealth, virtual therapy, Zoom with confidentiality and privacy agreements. Online therapy has many names. It doesn’t matter where you are, so long as you have a device and WiFi. Past and current client locations include Europe (Spain, Portugal, France, Poland), the Middle East (Palestine, Jordan, Israel), Southeast Asia (Brunei, Singapore), Australia and Latin America (Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Belize).

About me: I love meaningful conversation; sometimes I’m a little too serious, too deep. And I’m driven to be of service. Like you, I love travel, culture and seeing the world. Also, I’m outdoorsy, into alternative medicine, tasty food and a little wine, and driven to be of service… The Ugly American is one of my favorite books. LGBTQIA+ ally / advocate, anti-racist. As an expat, I travel internationally with laptop and light ring in my carry on. Since 2018, I have been providing therapy via telehealth to Californians and English speakers around the world wherever permissible according to local regulations.

Qualifications: Licensed therapist for well over a decade: California LMFT, Minnesota LPCC, Colorado LPC, Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, trained in EMDR Therapy, member of EMDR International Association, working towards higher level qualifications in EMDR. Currently in consultation with Approved EMDRIA Consultants.

Fees: $150 US per session

Website: Please visit

Schedule: If you like what you see, please use the scheduling button on any page of or email me at to schedule a free, 20-minute consultation. We’ll talk about what is going on for you, what you hope to accomplish in therapy and determine if we would work well together. If so, then we would schedule regular, weekly sessions. I really look forward to talking with you.

Cell and WhatsApp: +1-415-806-7977 . Potential client calls only. No soliciting. confidential and encrypted.

Insurance: While I do not accept insurance, I can provide you with a super bill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement as an out of network provider (OON).

Confidentiality and privacy: HIPAA (USA) and GDPR (Europe) compliant website, video conferencing, email, scheduling and payment platforms with Business Associate Agreements (USA) and Data Processing Agreements (EU).