Psychologist (M.Sc.), Systemic Business Coach
English, German

Hi, I’m Nicole!

A psychologist (M.Sc.), coach, trainer and recruiter, that is passionate about giving freedom to women. Empowering women to find an authentic career where they can be themselves and don’t have to play a role, gets me out of bed every morning.

My passion is grounded on several years of experience in career coaching (more than 500 advisor calls and 200 guided application processes), a psychological toolbox and an intercultural mindset.


Who are you?

✔️ Are you a female student looking for a reflected career start?

✔️ Are you a female graduate wanting to speed up the process of finding a matching position?

✔️ Are you a woman currently in an (re)orientation process?

✔️ Are you a woman feeling like you have to play a role in your current position and finally want to find a truly matching position where you can be your authentic self?

✔️ Are you a woman wanting to become the best version of yourself and establish an authentic career?


Are you interested in:

✔️ Figuring out what you are good at

✔️ Discovering your values and believes

✔️ Visualizing what you want

✔️ Knowing what is important for you

✔️ Developing a unique career blueprint

✔️ Setting up a convincing CV

✔️ Using LinkedIn like a Pro

✔️ Acing your job interviews

✔️ Facilitating your decision-making


If so, I would love to get to know you!


What can you expect?

My combined “Get in the driver’s seat” coaching program with self-study material and either 1:1 individual or 1:5 group coaching sessions.


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