Psychologist, Counsellor & Therapist (CBT/ACT)
Licensed in
English, German

Psychological sessions for those who want to find their own ways.

Hi, my name is Silvio and I support people who don’t quite fit into the “traditional system” of relationships, love and work to regain more balance, self-confidence and connectedness. Because if we walk our own path and don’t quite fit the expectations of others, we tend to overstep our limits and burn out faster. Therefore, you will find a therapeutic space for reflection, change and personal growth in our sessions.


  • … you wish for a more mindful contact with yourself.
  • … you are looking for authenticity and want to show yourself more.
  • … you want to bring relaxation and calmness into your everyday life.
  • … you want to better understand your feelings, needs & actions.
  • … you want to present yourself with self-confidence.
  • … you want to bring more freedom and self-determination into your life.

***Contact me for a free 25 min info call to see if it’s a good fit before booking your sessions. Counselling is possible online and on-site in English and German***

My Approach:

Since I have been young I am fascinated by how we become who we are. That’s why I particularly enjoy topics around self-worth, identity, emotions, men’s work & communication. I focus on supporting ex-pats, creative minds or queers in finding a helpful way to cope with pressure, alienation, emotional overwhelm or self-esteem issues.

A positive and open view of people is particularly important to me in my psychological work. Psychological counselling is a creative and authentic process of encounter and exchange. I believe that your diversity is a powerful resource in your life. You are unique and the world should be allowed to see that. Therefore, I always keep an eye on my clients’ hidden resources and strengths. My goal is to accompany you to better understand your emotions and to leave obstructive ways of thinking and behaving regarding work, partnership or daily life behind you.

We will use scientifically-based methods of cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) as well as acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and also will take a culture- and queer-affirmative perspective on your concerns.

Contact Information
Raabestraße 1, 10405 Berlin , , Germany